FEMS Affiliates Letter November 2020 - Page 3

NOV 2020

The Official Hashtags For Every FEMS Journal

In order to increase the searchability and to advance the unique identity of each journal , we encourage authors , editors , and reviewers to coalesce online around the official hashtags for each journal – the Journal Social Media Editors ( JSMEs ) now use these hashtags in their journal article social media posts from the @ FEMSmicro Twitter and Facebook accounts .
The hashtags are the standard journal abbreviations , as found in a reference or citation , unless the journal name is short enough to be used easily on Twitter :
# FEMSMicrobiolEcol # FEMSMicrobiolLett # FEMSMicrobiolRev # PathogDis # FEMSYeastRes # FEMSMicrobes # microLife

Join the FEMS Grants Committee

Do you want to contribute to the FEMS vision of supporting science and education ? Are you a good communicator , pay close attention to detail and with international experience and cultural sensitivity ? Then apply to join the FEMS Grants Committee as a volunteer !

FEMS Webinars

Our series of webinars aim to discuss key research published in the FEMS journal portfolio , as a way to bring some of the benefits of scientific conferences to the comfort of your own home .
This month on the FEMS Webinar series we had the first FEMS Yeast Research webinar on Advances in Synthetic Biology Tools to Engineer Yeast Cells for Biotechnology .
FEMS is seeking volunteers to join the Grants Committee . As a not-for-profit organization , our revenues are used to support science and education . Much of this support takes the form of grants to support Early Career Scientists and meeting organizers .
The Grants Committee oversees this process and evaluate applications . There are no formal requirements , qualification or experience required to apply , just an enthusiasm and commitment to the role .
We also hosted another FEMS Microbiology Ecology Webinar on the topic Ecology of Soil MIcroorganisms .
You can watch the recordings of both webinars our YouTube channel !
Find out more about the role > Find more about our FEMS Webinars >

NOV 2020