FEMS Affiliates Letter November 2020

The official newsletter for FEMS Affiliates

Affiliates Letter

The official newsletter for FEMS Affiliates

World Antimicrobial Awarness Week

On the 18th to 24th of November was the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020 with many activities occurring online worldwide . We also left our mark in this global initiative ! Some of our activities were :
• posted vital information about antimicrobial resistance ( AMR ) across our social media platforms every day during WAAW
• published our AMR blog detailing the lastest of this year ' s initiatives on AMR
• participated in the # BadBugsBookClub discussion on the book The Waiting Rooms by Even Smith that talks about a post-antibiotic crisis world

Table of contents

Pages 2-3 : Microbiology News
• Oral & Poster Presentation Prize Winners
• New President of the EAM : Professor Jörg Vogel
• Join the FEMS Grants Committee !
Members of the FEMS Team wearing the new AMR symbol
Also earlier this month , the EU-JAMRAI announced the winner of the Antibiotic Resistance Symbol ! The winning symbol designed by David Ljungberg conveys the message of the antibiotic resistance global threat in a way that the public can relate to .
“.. the symbol is comprised of the iconic shape of a medicine capsule , the shape of a hearth , and the shape of a bandaid … the heart tells us we need to care , the capsule sets the theme , and the bandaid tells us we need to fix it .” - says David
We proudly wore the first global antibiotic resistance symbol during the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week . You can also craft and wear your own symbol with materials you have at your home !
More about the AMR symbol > Read our AMR blog >
Pages 4-7 : New Research in the FEMS Journals , incl .
• First Reseach in FEMS Microbes
• Thematic Issue on Lactic Acid Bacteria
Pages 8-9 : Grants Corner , Events , and Opportunities
Page 10 : Deadlines , Videos , and Extras ...
Call for Early Career Scientists as Reviewers for FEMS Microbes
FEMS Microbes is a new Open Access journal that is particularly interested in supporting Early Career Scientists ( ECS ). It is a venue for ECS to read , publish , and contribute , and we intend to recognize the crucial , and often unnoticed , contribution to peer review by ECS . If you are an ECS and wish to act as reviewer for the journal , we would like to hear from you !
If so , please use the link below to send a brief email with the subject ‘ Interest to be ECS reviewer for FEMS Microbes ’ including your CV , list of publications , subject area / keywords and previous experience being a reviewer if available . We will be in touch !
Apply here to be added in the reviewer pool of FEMS Microbes >
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