FEMS Affiliates Letter May 2019 - Page 6

GRANTS CORNER OPPORTUNITIES FEMS Congress Attendance Grants - Grantee Statements Post on our Opportunities Board! Atsushi Usami, PhD Candidate, Department of Biomolecular Engineering at Nagoya University, Japan Do you want to promote your event, job, funding or interesting projects on our website to the wider microbiology community? Science knows no borders, and we work with microbiologists across the work to ensure the best research gets underway. Ph.D candidate Atsushi Usami is a microbiologist performing research in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering at Nagoya University, Japan. You can do this on our Opportunities Board! Here you can find FEMS-sponsored events and funding, as well as many other exciting jobs, events, courses, resources and funding opportunities from the microbiology community. He has been awarded a Congress Attendance Grant to help him attend FEMS2019 this July (7- 11) in Glasgow, Scotland. We interviewed Atsushi Usami to gain an insight into his research, what working as a scientist is like in Japan, and to gain his thoughts on our upcoming Congress: What are you currently working on in your research, and what is your field of microbiology? ”My research is the bioproduction of high- value-added compounds by metabolic engineering.” What aspects of FEMS2019 in Glasgow are you looking forward to? ”I will be honoured to attend FEMS2019 with the FEMS congress grant. I’m confident that all programs and discussion between various microbiological specialties ranging from basic research to applied will be a valuable experience for me. In particular, I am looking forward to topics on Biotechnology/Synthetic biology/Systems Biology, because these are my research interest. Also, I would like to discuss science while drinking Scotch whisky!” Job of the month Postdoc in Evolutionary Synthetic Microbiology: Spain Final application date: 20.06.2019 Institution: Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics (CBGP) Location: Madrid, Spain Contact: Dr Alejandro Couce We are seeking to appoint a highly-motivated Postdoctoral Researcher to investigate how the conflict between robustness and plasticity drives microbial evolution. The successful candidate will construct a variety of synthetic systems involving different levels of organisation (from operons to multi-strain consortia), which s/he will then subject to high-throughput fitness assays and evolve-and- resequence experiments. Opportunities Board > Event of the month Six Key Topics in Microbiology 2019 Read an essential collection of papers showcasing high-quality content from across the five FEMS Journals, which together provide an overview of current research trends in microbiology: Antimicrobial Resistance Environmental Microbiology Pathogenicity & Virulence Biotechnology & Synthetic Biology Microbiomes Food Microbiology 7th Conference on Yeasts & Filamentous Fungi 24-27 June 2019 |Milan, Italy The EFB and the organisers of PYFF7 are delighted to invite you to Milan to attend the 7th Conference on Physiology of Yeast and Filamentous Fungi. The aim of the PYFF series is to bring together a strong interdisciplinary cohort of researchers, at all stages of their careers, who share an interest in applied and basic aspects of the physiology of yeasts and filamentous fungi. PYFF7 will be hosted by the University of Milano- Bicocca (UNIMIB). Find out more about this event > ....continued online. Read the complete interview > 6 Read this special collection > MAY 2019