FEMS Affiliates Letter March 2019

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE PUBLICATIONS / GRANTS CORNER / OPPORTUNITIES / DEADLINES AFFILIATES LETTER  THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER Introducing: Dr John Morrissey as Editor-in-Chief of FEMS Yeast Research We are excited to announce that Dr John Morrissey is the new Editor-in-Chief of FEMS Yeast Research. John is a Principle Investigator and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Microbiology, University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. He originally completed his undergraduate studies at UCC, before moving to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany to carry out research for his PhD. John’s post-doctoral research career involved stints at the University of California, Berkeley, USA (1995-1997) and the John Innes Research Centre, Norwich, UK (1998-2000). In 2000, he took up research and teaching positions at UCC and since 2003 has led his own research group of postgraduate and post-doctoral scientists working in the broad areas of microbial ecology and yeast biotechnology. We interviewed John to gain an insight into his research career and his new role with FEMS Yeast Research: ‘’It is important … that the [yeast research] community maintains breadth and does not become narrow in its focus, nor compartmentalised in its activities. Compartmentalisation could be geographical or conceptual, by which I mean that there is the potential for a gap to emerge between fundamental research on the one part and technology-driven applications on the other. This should be resisted as the strength of the [yeast reserach] field has always been the connection between the everyday uses of yeast(s) for society, and research right at the cutting edge of new knowledge generation.’’ Table of Contents • Page 2: Join our social media team; 2019 Grants Survey; FEMS Microbiology Ecology Poster Prize Winners... • Page 3: FEMS2019 Updates; FEMS- ESCMID Award; Call for Papers: Polar & Alpine Microbiology; We are seeking two new Directors... • Pages 4-5: Curated articles published in each of the FEMS Journals... • Page 6: Grants Corner • Page 7: Opportunities • Page 8: Deadlines; Events; and Extras... - Dr John Morrissey John is already up and running in new his role, so make sure to send us all your best yeast reserach papers! Read the full interview > Submit your yeast research > Delftechpark 37A, 2628 XJ Delft, The Netherlands T: +31 15 302 0050 | E: [email protected] MARCH 2019