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Science | Business Bulletin No . 899 Bringing together industry , research and policy
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The Longitude Prize announced the launch of AMR Voices - stories from the frontlines of antibiotic resistance during Covid-19 .
This is a new collection of international case studies from the perspective of people living with or working to overcome antimicrobial resistant infections . With stories from the UK , US , South Africa and India , the report , provides a first-hand look at how the real-life experience and challenges of AMR collide with the realities of Covid-19 .
Published by Nesta Challenges -- home to the Longitude Prize , an £ 8m prize to accelerate the development of a point-of-care diagnostic test that will conserve antibiotics for future generations -- the report is a warning shot that without action on the slow-moving pandemic of AMR , more lives will be lost and the fundamentals of modern medicine will break down .
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Source : Science | Business
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