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The official newsletter for FEMS Affiliates

World Microbe Forum brings together ASM Microbe and FEMS2021

The Federation of European Microbiological Societies ( FEMS ) and the American Society of Microbiology ( ASM ) are excited to announce the World Microbe Forum - a collaboration bringing two of the biggest events in the microbial sciences , ASM Microbe and FEMS2021 , together . The forum will take place from 20-24 June 2021 .
Additional scientific societies , including the American Society for Virology ( ASV ) and the African Society for Laboratory Medicine ( ASLM ), will partner with ASM and FEMS to build a global footprint in microbiology .
From new infectious pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 , to antimicrobial resistance , the role of microbes in climate change , agriculture and food microbiology , to synthetic and applied microbiology – FEMS and ASM will assemble international experts in this one-of-a-kind event to examine the world ’ s most pressing challenges .
It has never been more important than now for active researchers , industry professionals , undergraduate and postgraduate students , and other global leaders in the microbial sciences to come together under one global platform to help answer some of the most important questions affecting humankind today . What does the World Microbe Forum mean for you ?
• You access both ASM Microbe 2021 and FEMS2021 events with a single registration
• More high-profile speakers and joint ASM-FEMS sessions covering new and emerging topics
• An opportunity to meet peers from around the world
• Cutting edge public outreach trainings
• Access to provocative advocacy and policy sessions
• Live events and recordings available for later viewing
• The best of both meetings under one virtual roof
If your organization is interested in getting involved or becoming a partner , please contact us to learn about collaboration opportunities .

Table of contents

Pages 2-3 : Microbiology News
• New FEMS Ambassador for Canada : Prof . Vivien Measday
• Out Now : IMD2020 Videos , Interviews from FEMSOnline2020
• Conference on Demand : FEMSOnline2020
Pages 4-7 : New Research in the FEMS Journals , incl .
• First Research in microLife
• Thematic Issue : Microbial Products from Wastes and Residues
Pages 8-9 : Grants Corner , Events , and Opportunities
Page 10 : Deadlines , Videos , and Extras ...
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