FEMS Affiliates Letter August 2017 (special issue) - Page 2

Continued from page 1 Victor De Lorenzo - FEMS 2017 Programme Committee and EAM member Divya Kandari - FEMS 2017 delegate, India Prof. Jeff Errington - Winner of FEMS-Lwoff Award 2017 “FEMS 2017 was an amazingly successful meeting… You really left the benchmark quite high for subsequent FEMS meetings!” “I just have so many take-home messages to bring back to India – I have so many notes!” Estefana Garcia Rios and Miguel Morard – FEMS 2017 volunteers Victor Cid - SEM Education Group “I’m tremendously grateful to FEMS for enabling me to talk about some of our latest work in the opening session of what is proving to be a really great meeting.” Phil Aldridge @wragbags And that’s a wrap – fantastic conference, great people, awesome venue, inspiring environment #sciencerocks #FEMS2017 “Very exciting meeting, full of good science!” “Great science and people.” Frank Jankowitsch @frank220419 #FEMS2017 Very interesting and inspiring conference. Thanks to all the presenters and delegates for sharing work and the great discussions. Mohammed Khezri Ahmadabad – FEMS 2017 delegate, Iran “Here there is good experiences with different people and from different cultures.” “I must say that this was a great opportunity for us. We cannot engage more than 500 people in our national meetings at their best… We were badly in need for oxygen, and this congress has put our science in value and made us feel like we are breathing again.” Paco Silva, Myriam Hamou Segarra and Javier Miralles Lorenzo – FEMS 2017 volunteers Chelsey VanDrisse @DearBacteria “Interesting.” “Enthusiastic.” “Multicultural.” Closing ceremony of #FEMS2017: check out all the posters! Tons of research happening all over the world. Thanks for a great congress!! Shih-Jie Chen – FEMS 2017 delegate, Taiwan Catia Caneiras – FEMS 2017 delegate, Portugal “I came to FEMS 2017 to show my research to everyone on Acinetobacter baumannii and to meet many people from all over the world.” “I came to FEMS 2017 to share my work and to continue learning.” Read more testimonials from the FEMS 2017 community > AUGUST 2017