FEMS Affiliates Letter April 2019

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE PUBLICATIONS / GRANTS CORNER / OPPORTUNITIES / DEADLINES AFFILIATES LETTER  THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER Introducing Three New Co-Editors-in-Chief for Pathogens and Disease We are extraordinarily excited to announce that there will be three new Co-Editors- in-Chief of our journal Pathogens and Disease. We wish the very best to outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Patrik Bavoil, and thank him for his commitment to the Journal. The first of our new Co-Editors-in-Chief is Associate Professor Wilhelmina (Willa) Huston, research group leader at the School of Life Sciences, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. Her research is focussed on molecular microbiology of the intracellular pathogen Chlamydia, particularly how proteases function in the organism’s pathogenesis. She is especially interested in research into infectious diseases linked to infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease in women. The second of the three new Co-Editors-in-Chief is Associate Professor Alfredo Garzino-Demo from the Institute of Human Virology, and the Department of Microbiology and Immunology of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA; and at the University of Padova. Alfredo’s research program is focused on the pathogenesis of HIV infection, and on novel therapeutic approaches to treatment and cure of the infection. The final addition to the team of three is Associate Professor Jörn Coers, Director of the Center for Host Microbial Interactions at Duke University Medical Center, USA. Dr Coers’ research focuses on the function of Interferon-stimulated host defence programs and the regulation of inflammation in response to bacterial infections. Table of Contents • Page 2: Apply to the FEMS Summer School for Microbiology Educators... • Page 3: FEMS2019 late breaking abstract submissions deadline: 1st May; Call for Papers: Polar & Alpine Microbiology; We are seeking two new Directors... • Pages 4-5: Curated articles published in each of the FEMS Journals... • Page 6: Grants Corner • Page 7: Opportunities • Page 8: Deadlines; Events; and Extras... This three-person-strong team will give Pathogens and Disease a unique range of research expertise and editorial oversight. Read interviews on our website with each of the new editors via the links below. Willa’s Interview > Alfredo’s Interview > Delftechpark 37A, 2628 XJ Delft, The Netherlands T: +31 15 302 0050 | E: [email protected] Jörn’s Interview > APRIL 2019