Feel the Joy Magazine Winter 2022 - Page 5

WINTER IS a favorite season for many with beautiful colors , cozy sweaters , and everything pumpkin spice . But one thing fall brings that is a little less thrilling is cold and flu season .
Wearing a mask in public , staying away from others who are sick , washing your hands regularly and getting enough rest are a few of the things you can do to stay healthy . But maintaining a good diet is equally important .
Here are three simple things you can add to your diet to help boost your immunity :
Research shows Vitamin C can help make your immune system stronger , but before you reach for supplements , there are lots of food sources that naturally contain it . While you may only think of oranges and other citrus fruits , tomatoes , potatoes , strawberries , bell peppers , broccoli and kiwi are also great sources . Tip : Make a bell pepper sandwich by slicing the pepper in half and taking out the seeds and adding your choice of meat , vegetables or cheese . You can customize this for breakfast , lunch or dinner and play around with different techniques .
Include adequate protein-rich foods because they contain nutrients that are important for immune health . Zinc helps maintain immune function and can be found in meat , poultry , fish , seafood , eggs , soy , legumes , nuts and seeds . Try adding more beans to your soups and sauces or nuts , and seeds to your yogurt and baking to get more of this immune-boosting nutrient . Tip : During your annual pumpkin carving , save some pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven at 400 ° F for 20 minutes . Make it fun and add cinnamon and brown sugar or make it spicy with siracha .
Foods with probiotics , such as kefir and yogurt , can benefit our gut and immune health . Be sure to look for the word “ probiotic ” on the label , as this is a regulated term . Try including more of these foods by having yogurt parfaits , using yogurt in dips , and adding kefir to your morning smoothie . Tip : Try yogurt bark for an easy on-the-go breakfast . Simply spread probiotic yogurt on a parchment-lined baking sheet and add toppings of your choice , such as berries , bananas , honey and chocolate . Freeze for two to three hours or until firm .
Looking for more inspiration ? Reach out to your local dietitian for more immune-boosting recipe ideas . They also provide a range of services , including phone consultations and online workshops .
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