Feel the Joy Magazine Winter 2020 - Page 9

WHEN IT COMES time to sell their home , homeowners often default to the traditional route . However , selling your home traditionally through a real estate agent requires the often time-consuming selection of a real estate agent as well as expenditures for numerous repairs and upgrades . Some owners just don ’ t have the time , energy , or resources to do this .
A “ to do ” list of basic tasks such as painting , cleaning , and decluttering often evolves into major repairs that , in many cases , require a contractor to come in and take over . And the work doesn ’ t stop inside . In order to maximize curb appeal , you ’ ll need to put additional time and money into freshening up the exterior of your home too .
This can all quickly become overwhelming and stressful , especially when you find yourself operating under time and / or financial constraints . That ’ s why we provide an alternative route : simply sell your home , as is , in as little as two weeks .
With Homestead Road , you can skip all of those pesky time consuming and costly “ to dos ,” ditch the open houses where strangers walk through your living spaces , and avoid all the hassles and stress . Since 2007 , we ’ ve helped well over 1,000 homeowners move forward faster by purchasing their homes as is without the need for any repairs or upgrades ,
cleaning , showings , or even real estate commissions .
Our process is simple and straightforward . We start with a free , no-obligation consultation where one of our advisors will meet with you at your home to learn about your needs , hear your story , and make an evaluation . We are here to listen , to understand your situation , and to do what we can to help . You will be treated with nothing less than the utmost respect and compassion as you move through this process . We understand that each homeowner ’ s situation is unique and always do our best to accommodate them by whatever means are available to us .
We ’ ll share how it was calculated so you can understand what was included in the evaluation and discuss how this compares to your
expectations and situation . Best of all , you will never get any pressure from start to finish . That ’ s our Homestead Road guarantee .
You can also trust us to be forthright . Occasionally , we have recommended that potential clients go ahead and take the traditional selling route because we think it would be a better fit for their situation . If it ’ s apparent that you have the time and resources to complete the updates , repairs , and cleaning necessary for an open market sale , then we ’ ll advise that you may be better off taking this route . We recognize that selling as is isn ’ t the most appropriate option for everyone , so we work to guide you toward the best alternative for your situation .
If you accept our offer , we ’ ll handle everything from there on in , closing in as little as two weeks . If you need a little more time , don ’ t worry . We are fully committed to serving your needs first so you can choose the best closing date based on your needs .
With an experienced team of professionals behind the Homestead Road name , you can expect the highest standard in customer service ,
knowledge , and expertise . In fact , our advisors , by combined average , have over 15 years of real estate experience each , so they are more than qualified to walk with you through the entire sales process . Our signature Feel the Joy experience is the result of our supremely customer-focused attitude and dedication to putting our customers first .
Did you know that when you sell your home as is with Homestead Road , you won ’ t have to pay any additional costs , commissions , or hidden fees ? The only transaction you ’ ll have with us is money coming to you .
And with respect to the current health crisis , we have noticed an increase in the number of elderly and immunocompromised homeowners working with us to avoid all the unnecessary exposure that comes from open houses and showings . If you do choose to sell with us , rest assured that any member of the Homestead Road team entering your home is doing so under strict CDC guidelines . Contact with our team can be limited to as little as one meeting .