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Feel the Joy Magazine

Welcome to the winter 2020 issue of Feel the Joy Magazine . To our friends in my home state of Minnesota , our neighbors in Wisconsin , and our new friends in sunny Florida , I hope this issue finds you and your family healthy and well as we enter a new year . This is now the third quarterly issue that we have distributed , and I truly hope you will find the content and articles helpful , inspiring , and fun . If you like it and have a friend or family member who might enjoy it , we hope you pass it along or mention that it can be viewed on the HomesteadRoad . com website .
At Homestead Road , one of our core values is Constant and Never-Ending Improvement as we strive to learn and improve professionally . This applies to me personally as I desire to live our company values . In fact , last August I started an Executive Management program at Harvard Business School that I will be continuing into 2021 . While I am a bit disappointed that I didn ’ t get to travel to the Boston campus as previously planned , I really loved engaging with my professors and other executives from around the globe as we shared perspectives and ideas on complex business case studies . I am so proud and excited to have this opportunity , particularly since attending Harvard Business School has been a dream of mine since my days as an aspiring businessman living in my home country of Belarus . I hope to visit the campus this coming year , which will be another dream come true .
I am also proud to announce the launch of my new book , Total Financial Awakening . I have a passion for helping others and wanted to share my knowledge and expertise in the form of an easy-to-read business fable about a

3 fictional character named Roger Alcott . Roger is introduced to a new way of living — one that brings freedom to earn while giving back the precious gift of time . Roger ’ s story lays out a powerful process that can help guide readers down a new path of financial awakening . The book has served as a starting point for people who want to generate wealth while being truly happy through passive real estate income , and I am proud to say it has been recognized as a top new release on Amazon ! If you think you — or a family member or friend — might benefit , visit TotalFinancialAwakening . com to learn more .

Well , winter is definitely here in Minnesota . I have always loved playing in the snow with my kids and then heading inside for a warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate . Having said that , I have to admit there are some very cold days when I wish my family and I were on a sunny beach in Tampa ! On that note , whether you are in the cold north or warmer south , I hope you enjoy the winter season as spring will arrive before we know it .
My very best ,
Andrey Sokurec Founder & CEO
Photo Credit : Eduard Lazutsin