Feel the Joy Magazine Winter 2020 - Page 12

Are These 3 Money Stressors Affecting Your Health ?

When you make goals to improve your health does your bank account come to mind ?
MOST PEOPLE DON ’ T REALIZE THAT MONEY stressors affect your health . And apparently , a lot of people are “ unhealthy ”.
The American Psychological Association published a survey reporting that 62 % of Americans are stressed about money . And stacks and stacks of medical studies show that stress is unhealthy for you .
So , before you lace up your running shoes or grab your yoga mat , make a plan to address the following three money stressors affecting your health .
People lie to their spouse about money . A lot of people . We won ’ t ask you to raise your hands , but be honest - about your honesty when it comes to money .
Are you 100 % honest with your spouse about your finances ?
At The Money Couple we call , “ Any lying , cheating , or hoarding money inside a relationship ” financial infidelity . Sound bad ? Well , it is . And there are , unfortunately , lots of ways to commit it : hiding receipts , dishonest answers to questions , secret credit cards , hidden debt , secret stash of cash , private loans to friends , secret accounts .
A survey by CreditCards . com found one in five Americans in a relationship admit they have spent $ 500 or more without their partner ’ s knowledge AND almost 10 % of respondents admitted to having an entirely secret account .
Reef Karim , an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience says , “ You begin to physically feel the effects of the lies . There ' s definitely a connection . Your immune system could become compromised because your body is stressed , making it harder to fight off colds and flus . For some , it ’ s an immediate effect ." " For others