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WELCOME TO Feel the Joy Magazine

WELCOME TO the summer 2022 issue of Feel the Joy Magazine . If you ’ re located in the Midwest , you know as well as I do how exciting it is to finally see temperatures remaining above 70 degrees . And to our friends in Tampa , I hope you ’ re able to find refuge in air-conditioned buildings or in the water on those hot , humid days . No matter what your summer climate is , I hope this issue finds you and your loved ones healthy and well and that you all had an enjoyable spring .
We hope you liked the new look and feel of our last issue and find this one fun , helpful , and entertaining . For this summer issue , you may have noticed a bit of a change to the look of our brand logo on the front and back covers . At Homestead Road , we value customer feedback as we strive to continuously improve to provide the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction . In fact , recently we did some extensive customer research that helped us better define and articulate the true value we provide to homeowners looking to sell their homes . Throughout all the conversations , the words “ simple ” and “ stress-free ” were prevalent , so that ’ s how we ended up with “ Homestead Road , the simple , stress-free way to sell your home .” We ’ re very proud of this and perhaps you ’ ve seen it in our recent advertising .
Personally , my family and I are always so excited about summertime here in Minnesota , and with the kids home on summer break , we will be able to spend more time together as a family which is an added bonus ! Some of our favorite summer activities to do as a family include biking around the never-ending selection of lakes and hiking around different Minnesota parks . Perhaps most exciting of all is our annual attendance at our favorite camp — Tennis of Life Camp . Here is where our kids learn not only how to play tennis — an activity they can do for a lifetime — but also learn lessons on the importance of having a positive mental attitude , respect for themselves as well as others , and how to create vision boards of what makes them most excited about the possibilities in their futures . Unfortunately this year , I will not be able to attend the camp with my wife , Aksana , and our kids as I have knee surgery that will keep me from participating in those activities . Despite my disappointment of not being able to attend , my kids seem excited about being old enough to attend their first camp without Dad , so this will be a personal win for them which offsets my own disappointment .
Before I ’ m down for the count for a bit from knee surgery , I ’ m excited to announce that I will be attending my final semester at Harvard Business School ! Once this final semester is complete , I will officially be a Harvard Alumnus , which has been a lifelong dream of mine . I ’ m very much looking forward to being back on the Boston campus and collaborating with my colleagues from all over the world who I ’ ve worked with , learned from , and become friends with during my previous two semesters . It ’ s always fun to experience the nostalgic feeling of being a “ college student ” again !
I feel very fortunate to say that after the completion of my Harvard certification , I will be celebrating by taking the month of July off from work to focus on spending time with my family while the kids are out of school for the summer . This opportunity brings to mind a piece of advice that has worked well for me in doing my best to maintain work / life balance , especially in the summer months . If possible , work / life integration is a wonderful way to incorporate a balance between business partners , colleagues , associates , and families . For example , as I mentioned before with our Tennis and Life Camp annual tradition , my family and I attend alongside some of my fellow business partners ( turned friends ) and their families , which makes it possible for us to do both together — work hard and play hard .
With all that said , summertime is officially here in the Midwest and it ’ s time to get outside ! I ’ ve talked about what my family and I like to do during these hotter months , but I ’ d love to know , what do you and your family look forward to most during the summer . On that note , whether you ’ re experiencing summer by the lake , ocean , or a field , I hope you have a safe and happy season !
My very best , Andrey Sokurec Founder & CEO


Photo Credit : Eduard Lazutsin