Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 9

Pantheon Herculeans Last week for the Herculean was absolutely sick! Aiming for first period record kept us on our toes and striving forward, as well as gaining two new lovely team mates grace and dolly. Introducing these two: grace aka Venus and dolly partin have been a pure laugh, they take time really seriously, Both are doing fantastic with ltds on their first day, grace using her seductive voice in her approach and dolly the lawyer skipping between doors! great things from these guys!! We went to the seaside, Aroosa learnt how to swim ( kind of) and Matthew recieved some muffins from the future. Argy's improvement with his script and Louisa acing those shows and collecting those LTDs! We are all complete badasses, watch out because we take no shit and we're coming to get you!!!! (especially you Steph and Prometheus) if there is a lesson to be learnt within the week it will be to make sure all dogs round the area are not roaming free. Just Statistical update on Hydra. Current sane members: 2/6. Current Douchbag Jar Total: £30.80. Average volume per person: 18 L3. Like it’s namesake, Hydra continues to move from strength to strength. Like a cold blooded lizard it has warmed up in the sun and now has began to really get it’s wiggle on. The team has also become masters of the PMA and are continually buzzing each other out with powerful motivators. You will regularly hear members of the team say things like “Guys it could be worse, Tom Ledward could be our manager” or “Don’t look so miserable, I hear Tom Ledward pulled a face and it got stuck like that” or of course the classic “Does Tom Ledward even lift?!”. Such comments usually are followed by vomiting fits as visualization of the said creature’s face is somewhat horrific. ]?[?H[???[?]H?X?]HX[?Y?\??Y?H\??X\?H]?[?YH][\H\???[]H\??\?\???Y??X?YHX[x?&\???[?\??]????Y?K?[?^\?[??\?H?]\?^H\?HX[[?????K?[Y\??H\??Y?Z[???\??[??HX[H\?Z?[???\??Z[??H?[??H??[??]??????X??[?x?&[?\?[H?YHHX[H?]?]]X\?[??[???]?\?X?]H?[Y\??HX\????YY?][X?[?\??[??X[?]?]\??\??X??\??[???[H^H?YH??Y?]K??H??X[HY[X?\?\?[?XYH?]??X?????HH?]?\??^?\??H[X[???H?[YH??X\??[??[??\?Z\?????X?[??]?\??&]X\?[? ??]H[???X?[??H?]?XY?HY?K?Y HX[H\????[??]Z]HH]?\??H[??\?[?\?????][???[H?\\?Y??]H?X??[???]??\?[?^\??HX]?H?][?[\?[?Y\??Y?K?Q?S?HT?HT??P?Q?H??QS?H?UH?SRST??SQH??Q?T??UU?T???US?S?H??S?S??S?H??&U????T?HHT??QS?????P??B??Y?B??