Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 8

Notorious The team had a positive week with us being the top team in the company today. After having a break on Monday and going to Thorpe Park the team had a much better positive mental attitude with everyone being excited to start knocking again the next day. The week started slowly but Friday was one of our best days with a total of 9 LTD’s for the team, and plenty of shows every single day. With Charlie and Phuong’s birthdays both this week everyone was keen to celebrate but work comes first. It’s clear that to be top team you’ve got to work hard and play hard! The girls in the team have had a consistently high number of shows whereas what the boys may have lacked in the number of shows has been made up for with their show per donor. Keiran is the best at this, where he frequently has a show per donor of 1. Holly had a good start to the week with her being joint top fundraiser in the company on Tuesday but a few off days has led to her losing this but she still had loads of shows so is happy. Phuong has shown great improvement this week getting more and more donors and shows, all in the run up to her birthday! Charlie has had a bit of a slow week but he did go to see Robbie Williams on Friday night and had a fab birthday with the team. Grace has been working hard all week getting a consistent number of donors minus one donut day. Amar has been getting a consistent number of shows and has been much more positive all week. Everyone has been really keeping up the team spirit in the house and everyone’s getting along swimmingly. TOROS LOS MUCHACHOS!!! Kingston Mafia Last week’s theme for the Kingston Mafia was progress, this week it has been change. Besides the obvious influx of new fundraisers there have also been departures. We had to say goodbye to some members of the best region in Champions but shit happens and we’ve managed to get on quite nicely. Determination is the key. Anna the new member is fantastic and has settled in very well, takes three weeks to form a habit right? This chic didn’t even take three days she’s hit the ground running and has almost caught up with some of the team members’ statistics. There have also been personal changes, but change is the only thing that’s constant and change is the only thing we need.