Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 7

Street Fighters We are pleased to welcome the uniquely individual Theo to our team. He got off to a great start managing to get two LTDs on his second day, unlike all the STDs a certain James Wood seems to be collecting. Giulia and Leeanne are continuing the winning spirit with six LTDs each, proving that the Street Fighterz are on a roll. However, this week the men of Street Fighterz seem to be struggling with the pink t-shirts, as both Tom and Theo were assumed to be gay. The accuracy of this assumption remains unclear. The region started the week with an amazing trip to Thorpe Park and ended the week with a regional barbecue. The strength in teams is crucial, but the unity of the region ensures our success. It helps that our region knows how to have fun, rather than spending their first day off having a picnic in a park for instance. It’s not like we’re having a packed lunch outside everyday or anything. The sun has been out in force this week, baring down on us all and leaving poor Tom so tired he fell asleep during the fantastic Inbetweeners movie. The result being a shared room for Tom and Theo, which is strangely reminiscent of the incident during Easter when Tom awoke after a drunken blunder to find Theo in his bed. Giulia ended the weekend meeting the company average of six shows per hour, which proves that under the leadership of the joker that is Mr Tom Ledward, Street Fighterz will prevail!