Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 6

Street Kingz Over the last week the Street Kingz have been creating a buzz around the workplace with anything from police interrupting our wonderful evening off to raiding Thorpe park while also equalling our biggest regional day on Saturday. A member of the public also informed us that people are blind because they eat meat. We are looking forward to the next week of knocking because there are forfeits waiting for the regional manager Tom if he gets beaten, there has been a mention of a dress being worn while knocking. We all welcomed the new members of the region (Anna, Jamie and last but not least Theo) with a regional breakfast meeting on Saturday joined by the very only Alex Merry. Both Theo and Anna both went out over the weekend and got 4 long-term donors between them. As for the other regions such as Nemesis who weren’t very creative and stole our team name from Easter, your mechanics behind your rollercoaster are starting to crack and there’s a new machine in town and we are the Street Kingz. Alright!! Second week in and the Goal Bustas have all went through the week with downs and ups. Because we know its not how you start, its how you end!! Goal Bustas However, with huge improvements seen in Jamie V’s approach over the past few days, hitting 4 or 5 shows per day, we can really see how he’s fighting to get back on his feet and those hard work is really paying off!! Andrew’s driving has been massively improved! Of course he’s the show snatcher in the team, definitely running for club 123!! His shows have also improved as the donut week of his is now over!!! With great improvements on amount of shows in the weekend, she has nearly getting the routine of the amount of work needed to put into this work! Getting rea H???Y?\???\?^H??HH?^H?H?]?YHHHH]?\??YH?]?H\?\??]?HX[HHH?X]?[?\??\??[???]Y?H[??[??X??]X???][???Y[ ?XYH????\??]x?&\?XYH?B??