Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 5

Tenacious Tigers What I most remember of last week is when my team went to Chatham location. The first few hours went so smoothly and talked to some nice people but I always had the feeling something weird was going to happen soon. I knocked on the next door and this elderly lady scared the S*** out of me when she opened the door she shouted-“God is gonna save us! GOD WILL COME!”. I didn’t even had time to say the first line of the Approach. I felt so confused and asked wha’ what do you mean? And she keeps going-GOD WILL COME! All that came to my head was what was wrong with her and I started to feel so uncomfortable that I had to leave immediately. I didn’t even looked back afraid that she would be watching me leaving. Week 3, Friday the 6th 2013, our team was excited to meet our new Tenacious Tiger member. Arka is her name. One of our team group first impressions on Arka was. Damn, she is talkative! OMG are those boobs real?! Water and Steve seem happy to have now in the team 2 pair of boobs-two more amazing views to distract them. And finally Abdul seems to be falling in love with our new tenacious tiger, his puppy dog face has been smiling non stop in the past two days. Mighty Stallions In true Mighty Stallions style we welcomed Shahin into our team by galloping around the house. This might have scared him off a little bit but it’ll be good preparation for sharing a house with the strangest creatures in Gillingham: Paragon. We’ve made lots of progress this week – Michael is getting in to lots more houses and Ellie has discovered that having the last name of ‘Binks’ is great for getting Star Wars fan to become Ltds. Claire hasn’t been shown anymore naked photos by prospective donors and is nailing the names competition. Although we still have a few issues with navigating we can now find ‘big Tesco’ without having to tail gate other teams. We all know that Paragon long to be as awesome and fun as we are so we took pity on them on our day off and had a trip to the seaside with them and some of the Tenacious Tigers. The keen beans amongst us went swimming, we’re pretty sure that we were swimming in sewage though. So far we’re all still alive. One of our hood caps may have fallen off…we may have got lost down a dusty track… and we may have wasted a ridiculous amount of money in the arcades but it was great day out. Our favourite bit? Michael swinging in a play area surrounded by children.