Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 4

Indestructibles Inde-structibles, we're indestructibles! Week two and we have a new trooper joining us attttention! Jordan - the basketball playing, show stealing fundraiser from Loughborough. quickly integrating into our family of bants and fun, fitting in straight away! Bringing with him a fresh new start and continuing the pos vibe. Here's some teasers from the week gone past... Drabek - I/S of 4.5 for the week. Smashed it. Last few doors of the road on a sunny sunday afternoon, walked into all houses coming out with 4 LTDs. That's just how she rolls. Himani - I/S of 4.4 for the week - leading the troops from the frontline. Just being 'cas' (casual) on the door is her philosophy. Paying off and having fun is the result! Hauwi and Salmon, finding the weirdest people out on the streets of Kent and enjoying not being one of them! Fee's birthday on the Monday led to the Indestructibles and Fortitude surprising her with a few little treats... the force of love is strong in this one.... All in all a week of laughs and hard work, with our development curve about to kick, we're ready for whatever comes this week!! Paragon Paragon would like to welcome Peter and Klaudio!!! We are pleased to announce that on the first day Klaudio volunteered to cook Paragon dinner; brownie points within the team amounting already. This pleased him greatly after he spent a whole approach watching a man munching on food as his o ???XX??[X?Y ?\????]]?^\???Y??H?]]?[??[??] \K?H[??YHX\?\?H??]?[???Z[?ZY?H?[[??]\??X?[K?][?[???X??^H\?H?YY??YX?HH[??[[??X[???]??]ZY?H?[[??HZY?[?\??Z[???YH?][??\?Y[X?\???X??H]\???Y\?[???[??Y]H?\????\?YH??Y[?[?\?\?[??^HYZ\?[??H?[?\???[?\?K?X\?Y?]H?X]\?[?H[[?[??????]?Y?H\?X\?[?Y?HHX???[?\?\?????HHX?X??]?\?Z[??[?^\????[???? ?H?[[?^\???]\?[?H?[[??[?]?^JK??]??HY[?[?\?\?[??????][????HH??[??\??\????XY?HY[X?\??H?Y\????H[??][??\??H??[??\??\?HY?\??[?[???]]?x?&Y?HH??[X[??\?XZY ?[???[?][KB??\?HY[?X\?H?\????HY??]?H\\??X[\???X??Z[??H?Y\??\?XZY ?]?\??[??H??[??\??\?K?[??XY??????Y???\??\??YX?]Y?[\[???H[???[H[???YY?\? ??[H?[X??][???]?\?[Y\?X?[??Y\?H?Z?H[??Y[XYH?[?\??HY?H[Y?X[??H?H[?]Y?]\??[Y\?X?x?)????H?Y?[?]?^K?\?K]\?[??[?H?YZ??][??????H[?[??X[\?]?X?[YH??[?\?]?H?\????]?\??[???\?????]\?\??[???H??Y Y?\??[??[??\??[?\?\?[??[\?[??]????K?Y?\?[?]???\????\??][?H?]?X[Y?\?Y\[?\?[?\?[?[H?[X?\?????K? [?H[??][YH?]?K???[???H?[??H?YZ??[??X??\??[?]H?X]]Y?[?Y??\?Y?[X[K???[[???X]?\????