Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 23

News stories of the week W E UNDERSTAND THAT DOING THE CHAMPIONS INTERNSHIP SOMETIMES FEELS LIKE YOU ARE IN A BUBBLE.. SO W HAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE W ORLD THIS W EEK? Parliament left parched as water supplies are cut off for FIVE hours in sweltering heat. Cheetah-ing death: Impala escapes hungry predators by jumping into a car full of tourists who let it out once the coast is clear! An impala was targeted by two vicious cheetahs and made a jump for safety. The distressed animal was captured on camera leaping into a car full of tourists in order to escape the predators. The terrified animal appeared to be seconds away from death when an unexpected window of opportunity appeared – quite literally. House prices rose at the fastest pace for more than three years in June - and values will continue to rise. The property market continued to show signs of recovery last month with rising house prices and increasing demand, according to the latest Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors residential market survey. There was a 21 per cent boost in the number of chartered surveyors saying values rose rather than fell in June – the strongest level for more than three years. The survey is also positive about the boom lasting, with 23 per cent more respondents reporting prices will rise rather than fall over the coming three months. David Cameron had to go without his afternoon cuppa while MPs were forced to cross their legs as Parliament’s toilets were shut after Whitehall’s water supply was cut off. A blunder by workmen saw a hole cut in an 18-inch water pipe serving government departments, the House of Commons and Wellington Barracks as temperatures soared to almost 30 degrees. How the Monsters met! Prequel to hit film shows how the scary characters became friends during their days at university. Pixar, who over the years have become renowned for making films which appeal to both children and adults alike have done the same again with Monsters University. The movie has already taken 50million in the first weekend in the US so it must be good! Director Dan Scanlon says; ''We already know from Monsters Inc that Mike doesn’t achieve his aim of becoming the scariest monster around but the heart of the movie basically says that that’s OK. The film is about not giving up when you realise something just isn’t for you as you never know: it may just lead to something better.’ (Champions this might even relate to you, so listen up!)