Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 20

Eternal Sovereigns Day 15 in the Eternal Sovereign’s House: King Peter is reflecting on the week passed; recalling his Wednesday show performed in indoor/outdoor purgatory due to potential sponsor having an ‘indecently exposed’ girlfriend. ‘Looking for the fun’ sure seems to come naturally for our tight team – and despite some challenges, banter levels have soared in conjunction with our work ethic and LTDs! Not a minute goes past without a laugh, and with our goals in sight we are bringing success and smiles to every door. Our team is a car, we move forward together: James… the gears, a complete assembly that performs a specific function in a larger machine – managing us is his livelihood… Gemma… our accelerator, picking up her LTDs with such momentum and driving us up the track of exponential progress… Abbie…the indicator, akin to the progress you can make when you take the right turning – with an ‘ins per show’ of below company average in week 2! Pete…the hand-brake; there are always times when, despite progression, you roll back into the arms of Mr Mediocrity. Not with Pete. Not ‘this guy’. And last but not least, Hatim; the wheels, supporting the bulk of the car and letting us drive on with the right positive mental attitude. Together we are the car body, solid and in motion ready to challenge any team to a race! See you at the finish line. The Corleones: Regeneration So this week has brought with it some pretty important changes… We were treated with some fresh meat ;) [woop woop] This definitely demanded a rename so we are The Corleone’s no more… Make way for *drumroll* The Corleones: Regeneration. [Not much of a rebrand but it’s a fresh start for sure] Good start to the fundraising career from the newbies with 5 shows apiece so watch this space guys! With the fresh boost of positive energy from these guys, I’m sure this team will be the one to watch out for. Then again, some things don’t change… We’re still getting doors slammed in our faces by old ladies called ‘It’s none of your business.’… Seems like a common name in our region. Hm. And we’re still not accustomed to having our legs half mauled/ humped by people’s dogs… (Seriously, how hard is it to contain your pets people!!!) Guess it’s getting easier to grit our teeth whilst politely and reluctantly petting them just to get into the door, beginning to wonder what else we’ll be willing to do just for an LTD as the weeks go on… LOL *eeek*