Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 2

Social media shout out! #Champschat—make sure you use it! Sales school two saw one or two new fundraisers take the lead on the social media side of things. They were posting everyday and personally, helped to raise the profile of Champions Life Academy so thank you to those people! So how can social media benefit you guys? You may remember Clare speaking at sales school about the benefits of using social media. If you can come up with your own team or regional hash tags, then these can be used once you have finished the summer to remember exactly what you have done and to remember all of those funny moments! If any of you are interested in investigating this, Google ‘Storify’. Please also keep an eye out on our official YouTube page ‘Champslifeacad’. There are going to be loads of new videos going up on there over the next few weeks and we may even hold a related competition. Thanks for tweeting! A day in the life of.. Rob smith What’s happening on Facebook? This week we want your ideas for Champions TV, what would you like to see featured? Is there something that interests you that you think other students will like too? What about the educational aspect, what would you like to learn? Keep an eye out on Facebook for our polls and don’t forget to comment on the posts with your suggestions. You might even get the chance to get involved yourselves! You could be famous! Hi, I’m Rob and I work in the Champs office in London as Media and Marketing Producer, my job is to make all the company’s video content and keep on top of all the tech equipment that involves. Most of the time in the office you’ll find me with my headphones on editing away at my latest project. Video editing takes a long time and can be frustrating, imagine putting together a huge jigsaw, only having to carefully trim each piece to fit yourself! But I find it a hugely creative and fun process. I think the office has a great atmosphere, we’ll come in on a morning and someone will put some tunes on, we’ll get settled and have a catch up before we get stuck into our projects for the day. Recently I’ve been working on a clip for Champs TV and ordering a brand new video editing desktop for the office. Soon I’m also going to be heading out to see some of you as a documentary-maker in the field, following some of your stories and making you stars to give students an idea what you get up to during the internship.