Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 19

Alpha Dynasty Week 2 in Northampton and it looks like the largest group in the company is still on a crackin’ roll! With Joe getting off to an amazing start, asking someone at the door whether their parents were in, only to turn out that they were a 21 year old dwarf… classic Joe! Things didn’t stop there though as Joe and Sarah were then followed from door to door, who retaliated bravely by running away, only to be ambushed by a group of kids with water guns, twas a good day for the pair of them. The week was far from over however as Tash later had her life incorrectly read to her in tongues, by a man on his doorstep! Still think she could have got him to sign up! Fatema demonstrated her multi linguistic skills and gave a show in Hindi in front of a bemused Ed. Whilst Tom survived a whole show as he was attacked by cats and an army of kids with metal spirit levels, but in all fairness having CBBC on made it more bearable for him. We also had the arrival of two new people into the largest group in the company… because we needed more people. Sally and Sohail had made it through sales school and then had to meet the crazy house! But for Sohail, not even Alpha Pioneers could have prepared him for some of the characters he met on his first solo day knocking. A man answered the door brushing his teeth with the obvious choice of dental hygiene… a stick, to whom believed that blind people had it lucky as no matter how their life panned out they would go to heaven. So with week 2 over and done with, with many more stories that unfortunately were missed out, we head into week 3 and the final stages of our habit forming. Stay tuned for more shenanigans.