Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 18

Sparty Knocks A stunningly tanned Sparty Knocks are proud to introduce its newest member- Jane, who got off to an absolutely cracking start with 3 LTDs on her first day and no less than 8 shows on her second, plus another LTD! This new burst of energy is guaranteed to strengthen the team’s performance next week. After a tough first week though, it was nice to relax and wind down on Sunday night. We found out some pretty interesting things about each other… (Never have I ever) This was followed by a perfect Nandos on Monday. Rachael wins biggest lad for going extra hot on everything and then smothering her plate in extra hot sauce, but also loses lad points for falling asleep in Despicable Me 2 that followed, along with Ella who also could not endure the minion marathon. Luke pointed us towards an old sweet shop in town which was siccckkk, but also meant that we will probably be spending most of our hard earned cash on sugar. After our relaxing and enjoyable day as a team it was back to work. Arriving at location is always an absolute bundle of entertainment mainly because of Ella’s interesting attempt at parking a car. The Boss has also taken the role of being abused away from Matt, and suffered a stone to the face from a small child on the street. Another interesting part of the week was the fire alarm at 6am on a night that promised much sleep. Only after confirmation with each other in the morning could we establish that this was not in fact a bad dream. Today we managed to time our lunch break perfectly so that we would witness the great Andy Murray win Wimbledon! The week has flown by and we are looking forward to a cheeky visit to Thorpe Park on our next off day. Looking forward to hearing from the rest of the teams xoxoxox (lol jk hope you all get sun stroke). Sparty Knocks out. Omega So then…Week two DONE. Oh, and yeah, we got a new fundy! Eliza is her name, and banter is definitely her game. Her introduction into the Champs world was standard procedure, making it as far into the script as ‘Hi there, sorry to bother you’ then a healthy dose of amnesia, followed by the sound of a door closing in your face. As I failed to touch on it last week, a little about the other members of Team Omega: First of all is ‘Prince’ Eric.gracing us with his presence, a native of Essex, (he spends far too long ‘fixing’ his hair if you ask me, but it’s probably just jealousy.) Secondly we have Haaris, all the way from Pakistan. This guy has the work rate and the mastery of the approach to really be up there as one of the big names this summer. He’s really going to be gunning for those big sixes! Then we have Andrea, bringing a touch of Mediterranean flair to the team. She hails from Cyprus, (The Greek part), and only started speaking English 9 months ago. The things that motivate her are some of the most admiring I’ve heard, and this is really going to be her key to unlocking her success in this ?????????Q?????????????????)???????????????????'?e?????????????????????????????????A???'?e?????????????????????????M????-?????????????????????????????????????((0