Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 17

Spartans Here we stand, on sacred grounds. We laugh in the face of outnumbering odds. One region to stand against all others?Are only regret is there aren’t more who oppose us. To be a Spartan is a way of life, it’s a birth right. The training we receive is far superior, we know that each one of us is only as strong as the man we call brother who stands beside us. This is why we cannot be defeated. All will crash against our shields and be returned to whence they came. This is what it is to be a Spartan. This is what to it takes to stand as victor. Archimedes Week 2, we are getting better and better each day. Getting better results than before and making more stories each day. We started this week with a high moral after the regional meeting. The Crazy Baboon (AKIN) getting harassed by 4 women during a show in a house and running out of the house screaming. The Little Girl (REBECCA) getting better results each day. The Kung -Fu Panda (MOODY) and The Rubber Man (JOSH) working as a tag team and cooking great meals each day. We have parties in the house. Music, Dance, Food, Fun and Friends all under one roof. We also enjoy on field as much as we do off field. That is the main reason we are getting so much better results. Sales school two has joined and the family has grown bigger. Everyone is getting along very nicely. We watch movies together, we eat together and we also work together in the house and that’s what makes us more like a family than just a team. Josh is showing us more about slacklining, and Ahsan is getting better with the photography. It is amazing how we make bond with people. And when we sit alone and think it all seems like a dream we never dreamt off. It doesn’t seem to be possible that we are actually doing this. It’s amazing that how one approach can change everything. That how all these things we were taught in sale school actually work, how people do actually sign up, how physical, emotional and mental challenges affect you. It’s amazing to see that MR.M actually exists. But we only know one thing that keeps us united and that is: “WE ARE ARCHIMEADES, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS”