Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 15

Vikings A scorching hot tropical week has passed. How’s everyone? The chocolate craze is hitting hard in the Vikings boat. Jawiid left for personal reasons and we all wish him well. Though he was only with us for a short wee while his memory lies within a secrete place of the barbarians bungalo. A soldier down, but with another in his place; Alice Miller is on board, with a great attitude she has revived the teams batteries and is pumping up the ins per hour for our team like mad! Alex Satterfield the so called man mountain, keeps on dreaming about dolphins, tigers and other fluffy animals. According to a witch I meet on Sunday, he is stressed and suffers from anxiety! Quite accurate don’t you think? Rasida took the sales school advice and is on an emotional rollercoster; as a result of her addiction to tesco value jam! Shaun, although not aging well, is as always driven and competitive. His skills are the envy of the house and we are all hopping to get some more tips as the weeks go on. Although Marc has set his sights on a few lucky champions ladies, its mating season in the Baizan lair. MYRMIDONS BEWARE! Kay, after a difficult time of the month, has shown clear signs of her ambition of setting sail to tenerife. We all learnt the hard way from this difficult time, and Kay can prove feisty. Jawid Kalil, R.I.P Marc