Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 14

Conquest I can tell you we done something new for this week, "we done wrestled with an alligator, we done tussled with a whale; handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail; only last week, we murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick; We’re so mean we make medicine sick." What a glorious week in camp Conquest, with both reductions in I/S and S/D across the board – Conquest also beating week 1’s donor total…John and Al might need to cut a few forests down for more LTD forms. The valiant Viking’s - lead by top guy and modest man Shaun Akturk - have consistently been reducing their I/S to unthinkable levels at alarming rates – looks like they’ll be using one map page for the summer. New front-runners street thugs Excalibur - lead by the infamous Poppy Small blowing managers out of the water with a 2 week thriller - have been tearing it up. Emerging from depths of Conquest to reducing their I/S by 25%. Class act Legion, lead by ice-cool ishy have doubled their show and donor counts. Whilst Miss Odigie’s training has caused bankruptcy amongst the marvellous Myrmidons having now lost all they’re penny’s; one day at a time. Yet again Conquest-eons have proven their worth and endurance amongst one of the most competitive summer programmes, and relish opportunities in week 3. With a new regional logo done by the lovely Tash Pilling of team Myrmidons, the regional bond has grown to new heights. Would also love to welcome SS2 divas, Alice and Tsitsi to the region who have added fresh blood to the dynamic; whilst showing how ruthless they are during a thriller wammy Sunday on both parts. Hopefully the Alpha Dynasty are ready for round 3, whilst the Spartans have stuck true to their tale and have since week 1 been fighting a losing battle! Seems like a 300 day programme for the majority! We’ve been hearing Pantheon leader – Robin Sparkles – has been seen nowhere near a door since 2012! With feedback magazine 2 underway and Conquest smashing home greater results, we look forward to on going bants from lesser regions. Till then bye bye! Another week of conquering in the realm of Camelot for Excalibur. The amount of times we've pulled that sword out of the stone is immeasurable....our knights have once again proven themselves worthy of a place at the round table. This is where the tale begins.... The mighty knights roamed the realm to muster forces to rescue the lovely Genevere (The Children's Trust) from the evil grips of darkness and despair. The charge was led by the fearless Commander Poppy, who quickly overcame the initial objections of the many bleak and disbondant villagers she encountered. Her dazzling display mustered courage and forced her fellow knights into action. The decadently dashing Sir Ali was quick to reply to this call to arms. He raised his mighty sword and slayed many a foe. He has proven to be both noble and majestic in his slaying of the orc hordes and currently revels in his battle with the mighty trolls. With these two mighty knights so deeply engaged in the art of warfare, the days turned to nights where tales are traded among knights of the round table. With wine turgidly supplied by comrades in arms, Lady Charlotte and Rider Mitch, the knights were regaled by tales of the exploits from both Princess Anna and Friar Doyin, on their conquest to survive on the other side of the Mighty Hadrian's Wall. Excalibur