Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 12

Kaizen During the week, we have had some outstanding stories from the field. Here’s a couple of the best: -There seems to be one objection that we weren’t taught on how to deal with. On Thursday, Srikesh discovered that not 1… not 2… not 3… not 4… BUT 5 people couldn’t let him in due to a loss in the family. Despite the negativity, he still managed to notch up 2 LTDs that day. In other news, Ricky has been flirting away on the door as usual. Hopefully he can charm himself into some more donors! That raps it up folks! We’ll be hunting you Well, it’s the conclusion of week 2 and it seems as though Kaizen are really living up to their name. First and foremost, we’d like to welcome Jamie to the family. This guy is raring to go and certainly looks to be a terrific addition to the team. Infinity Second week smashed and from this we can establish: Mike has unparalleled game with elderly women and may end up on a list or at least with skin cancer due to horrendous sunburn. Gurpreet has been adopted (potential grooming) and our trusty car is coming ever closer to retirement. Jamie is suffering from a severe identity crisis after confusion as to whether he is called Jamie or James at every door. Ever since Mike spoke to an old lady with Alzheimer’s, he has been subject to memory loss. Lauren still can’t use a map or even a sat nav and still struggles with the concept of ‘’shotgun’’. And finally, the script has been embedded into 9/10 normal conversations to such a point that we now consider ourselves insti-