Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 11

Nemesis With Nemesis reaching the half-way point of chapter one, good habits are starting to be set in place, allowing us to go out there and smash top region! The first two week of the summer has progressed very quickly and everyone within the region has started to see realise if you want to win competitions, it’s all about grit and determination. Like I said last week, we have started the summer by storm and intend to walk away with the big prize! Week 2 is over already and we are starting to get more and more used to the job. We celebrated Jarrod’s birthday this week in Thorpe park and gave him a little surprise party in the sales meeting, which was followed by a highly emotional speech by Jarrod himself about how much he loves us. We are really starting to get the hang of the job and bringing in lots of LTD’S. One thing we haven’t learned yet unfortunately is how to drive and park, as we have managed to get 4 tickets already in 2 weeks... at least we have SOMETHING to work on. Now that we’ve got a new member in the team, Dan, we are complete and ready to smash it in the next 9 weeks. We are in it to win it. Apex Omer, Nathalie, Gareth, Jarrod, Cinzia, Dan & Chloë