Feedback Magazine 2 - Summer 2013 - Page 10

Prometheus Second week of champions, been an absolute whirlwind. Two new Asian children have joined the prometheus family. So in our classic style we will introduce the gang. Kosis, the most polite person you'll ever meet. He would rub baby oil all over our aching bodies after a hard days knocking if we asked him to. His beautiful aura and enthusiastic attitude will soon manifest into hundreds of shows. Thao, after setting Will straight on the first night, we knew she would be one to reckon with. She is the tiniest person you will ever meet, but inside a concentrated package of 4ft 10, there is huge Ltd potential. As a team we have contenders for top manager, top fundraiser and as a whole top team showing our hard work is paying off. Prometheus are steaming forward and constantly improving. Our individual enthusiasm can't be beaten and this weeks theme of meeting people is being met everyday. Our favourite story of the week however goes to Chris, after being made to read aloud a goodbye letter a man wrote for his dead wife. Although a tough contender was reading the bible to a group of Jehovah's witnesses. Our big news must've had an effect on Steph however, as she spent a show learning how to meditate with a monk! Goodbye stress, maybe she could teach you robin? Regional day off was sick, listening to Justin bieber on the ukulele on the beach and getting looks like we were a church cult or a day release group. Love the region, absolute babes. We are looking forward for what next week has to bring, putting our all into everything and having a bants time. Ps. The picture, who even is this guy???