February 2021 | Page 90


Regenerative Medicine : Feel and Look Great in 2021

COVID-19 , uncomfortable masks , social distancing , waiting for a vaccine , endless Zoom calls : A . K . A . stress , stress , stress ! After a hectic year of worrying about all that ’ s going on in the world , isn ’ t it about time you invested in your own personal wellbeing ? Time to take care of yourself for a change and pay more attention to how you look and feel !
At the Stuart Center , we have cuttingedge , state-of-the-art regenerative treatments and wellness therapies to help you become the best you . Such therapies include :
� The Vampire Facial
� PRP Hair Restoration
� Acne and Scar Treatments
� IV Nutrients
The Center staff makes it their mission to help patients put the stress of 2020 in the rearview mirror , and have this year ’ s reflection be your best !
What is PRP ? Is it safe ?
PRP , or Platelet Rich Plasma , is a proven regenerative medicine treatment for procedures such as the Vampire Facial and hair restoration . There are three components in your blood : red cells , white cells and platelets . After collection , your blood is placed in a high-speed centrifuge for ten minutes . Then , we are able to separate out the platelet-rich portion of the blood containing amazing growth and reparative enzymes . And , voila ! We have an amazing treatment for you . Using your own “ best blood ”, we can safely regenerate your skin for a firmer and brighter appearance !
Dr . Stuart Schneiderman , MD , MBA , is a board-certified physician who completed his internship and residency at Yale University . He has years of experience in anesthesiology , interventional pain management and regenerative medicine and wellness . He also has certification with the Vampire Facial and hair restoration programs . The Stuart Center , 102 Smithfield Ave ., Pawtucket , 725-9997 , stuartcenter . com

Natural Results , Above All Else

The Centre for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery is well-known for offering the most advanced surgical and non-invasive procedures . A boardcertified plastic surgeon with an aesthetic eye for natural looking enhancements ,
Dr . Andrea Doyle describes her practice as patient-focused , safety-conscious , honest and low-pressured . No matter the patient or their goals , she and her skilled staff take a scientific yet compassionate approach , resulting in balance , symmetry and elegant contours . They take the time to connect with each patient to fully understand their surgery motivations and to help achieve the best possible outcomes . When it comes to facial rejuvenation , in particular , Dr . Doyle firmly believes that “ more is not better .” Whether surgical or nonsurgical , it takes an elegant approach to create the best results . “ Patients don ’ t want to look showy or overdone ,” she says . “ The challenge is to create beauty and balance … to make sure every contour is in harmony . I want patients to look more like their former selves — rested , fresh and youthful .”
Dr . Doyle ’ s Areas of Specialty
Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation : These procedures ( think : Botox , fillers PDO thread lifts , lasers ) result in modern and innovative solutions to aging .
Breast Surgery : Be it breast augmentation and lift , breast reconstruction or inverted nipple repair , women choose Dr . Doyle for her experience , artistry and understanding of the female sense of beauty .
Body Contouring : Tummy tucks , liposuction and arm lifts can often achieve what diet and exercise cannot .
Dr . Andrea Doyle is a highly reputable aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery . In addition to the Centre , she currently serves on the medical staffs of Roger Williams and Women and Infants hospitals . Centre for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery , 1672 South County Tr ., Suite 302 , East Greenwich , 336-3770 , centrefars . com