FEBRUARY 2021 Magazine | Page 6

Bringing The New Romantic: A Mood Film and her debut album, The New Romantic are undoubtedly among her greatest accomplishments, but now something new is percolating in her life. She describes going through a Covid depression last Spring that resulted in the deep questioning of herself at a soul level. “What am I? What am I doing? As soon as I released this, I heard the spirit say to me: The reason why you are so invested in your healing, you are meant to help others with their healing.”

She wanted to make music and she wanted to make art, but she was not willing to do the things to constantly promote herself. She realized that being a celebrity did not appeal to her. More than anything, she came to embrace her soul. “I do believe the higher power is the creator of the universe. Both of those things are also one. The universe is the constellation of everything that exists. The things that are seen and unseen.”

Then she enrolled in a spiritual guidance program. In her last semester she began teaching meditation and mindfulness. And it just clicked.

“I’ve always been taking care of people at a soul level,” she said. “I’ve always been a seeker. While I’ve had a foundation in Catholicism and Christianity, it’s been an interesting journey, trying to figure this out. When we are connected to spirit, it guides our purpose, generates our creativity and grants us beauty.”

Another discovery is actualizing her fascination and passion for fragrance. She is particularly interested in how fragrance triggers memory and emotion. There is a storytelling aspect to fragrance that she is exploring. She said, “It’s important to tell stories with fragrance—as a creative expression.”

There is much more available to her creatively and that is where she wants to put her focus these days. She sees her calling as a continuation of purpose—seeking her place in the community. Alana Belle—healing, fragrance, art, music, she is dealing with the integration of all of these things. “My idea of success is honoring the gifts that I have and working hard at continually developing those gifts.”

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