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Jonah ’ s Fast

Jonah ’ s fast is a preparation for the Great Lent . There are few similarities between Jonah the Prophet and our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ . Throwing Jonah into the sea saved all the sailors and the rest of the passengers of the ship from certain death . In the same way the death of Christ on the wood of the cross granted Salvation to those who believed in Him and saved them from eternal death . Jonah remained inside the belly of the whale three days and three nights then he went out and was alive . In the same way , Christ our Lord was buried three days and three nights in the tomb then He rose up from the dead . He was alive and granted eternal life to all who believed in Him following His life-giving commandments . God seeks the salvation of mankind . In the Book of Jonah . God sent Jonah to the people of Nineveh so that they might repent and be saved . The Lord wanted the people of Nineveh to know His Holy Name . God did not forget them at all despite their many sins . The Lord had sought the salvation of the passengers of the ship without them asking for salvation . Furthermore , He had sought the salvation of Jonah without him asking so . On the contrary , Jonah was stubborn and disobedient to God ’ s words . Our Savior seeks to save people with the work of grace within . The visit of grace comes to everyone , but someone may respond , and another may not . May God Almighty help us all to be attentive and responsive to His call to have a share and an inheritance in His everlasting happiness ! Amen