Feb 28, 2013 Tax Lien Paid Ver 8.00 - Page 4

Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office Conditions of Sale Ten percent of the highest bid for each property auctioned off shall be deposited in cash, certified check, attorney’s check or money order with the Sheriff by each bidder when his bid is registered, provided that in no case shall less than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) be deposited, otherwise upon failure or refusal to make immediately offered again and sold unless a second bid has been registered, then, the second bidder will take the property at the highest bid price. BIDDING CONDITIONS FOR THE SHERIFF’S SALE From the opening bid to 20,000.00 you must bid $100.00 more than the previous bid. From the $20,000.00 to $50,000.00 you must bid $500.00 more than the previous bid. From $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 you must bid $1,000.00 more than the previous bid. And from $100,000.00 and above you must bid $5,000.00 more than the previous bid. The balance of the purchase money must be deposited in cash, certified check, attorney’s check or money order together with a certification from the Department of Revenue for execution by the highest bidder to the Sheriff at his office within 30 days from the date of the sale. An extension of time for an additional 30 days may be granted at the discretion of the Sheriff upon receipt of written request from the buyer requesting the same, except when a second bidder has been duly registered. Also, if the first bidder does not complete settlement with the Sheriff within the thirty (30) day time limit and a second bid was registered at the sale, the second bidder shall be granted the same thirty (30) day time limit to make settlement with the Sheriff on his second bid. Thereafter, the Sheriff shall be at liberty to return the writ to the courts and the sale of said property will ne marked as “Term of Sale not Complied” A second bid must be registered on any property immediately after it is sold. The second bidder must present the same amount of deposit that the highest bidder delivers to the Sheriff at the sale. An extension of time under no circumstances will be granted or honored by the Sheriff whenever a second bid is registered on a property at the sale. The first bid or opening bid on each property shall be a sum sufficient to pay all Sheriff’s costs in addition to the amount of the original tax lien. If there is no other bid price above the opening bid price, the property shall be sold by the auctioneer to the attorney on the writ at that price. No personal checks, drafts or promises to pay will be accepted in lieu of cash, certified checks, attorney’s checks or money orders made payable to the Sheriff of Philadelphia County. The Sheriff reserves the right to grant further extensions of time to settle and further reserved the right to refuse bids from bidders who have failed to enter deposited on their bids, failed to make settlement, or make fraudulent bids, or any other behavior which causes disruption of the Sheriff Sale. Said bidders shall be so refused for the sale in which said behavior occurred and for said further period of time as the Sheriff in his discretion shall determine. The Sheriff will not acknowledge a deed to any individual or entity using an unregistered fictitious name and m ^K]\\ܙ][ۋ\]Z\HووY[]HوH\\\܈HY\][ۈوX][\\ˈHYو[[Y\\YX][\H[HܙZ]Y\YHY\Z[YYY]H\\و[K[Y\\HY\Y[XZ[]H[H[[Y\H\\H\ H\Y\\\HYK\[[H\H][H[YHYܙHH[وH[K\ۈHX\ٝ[Y\&\Z[\H[\H\]Z\Y\] H\Y\\\HYۙH܈^HH[Hو[H\H[XH]ܛ^HۈHܚ]\\X\Y[\\[]H[K