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How It Works

Tuition Rewards is a unique private college savings program which is being provided to you by your organization as a ‘Rewards Benefit’ for your loyalty and participation. These Tuition Rewards Points function just like frequent flyer miles, and most other airlines, hotels, credit cards and retailer points-based rewards programs – but Tuition Rewards Points are used to reduce college tuition expenses!

Tuition Rewards Points are guaranteed tuition discounts at participating private colleges and universities. These discounts are typically classified as merit-based scholarships, but participating schools may count Tuition Rewards Points as part of their normal institutional and merit scholarships.

No matter how the school chooses to classify them, they represent the guaranteed minimum scholarship or non-loan based financial aid that an eligible student will receive, if and when, he or she attends a member school.

For example, if a student has 20,000 Tuition Rewards Points, he or she is guaranteed to receive a minimum tuition reduction of $20,000 (spread equally over four years) at a member school.

*In order to be eligible, accounts must be set up and students registered by August 31st, entering the students junior year of high school. The last day to enter points into a student's account is August 31st, entering a student's senior year of high school. (NO EXCEPTIONS)