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We all love spending time outside and when it comes to pergolas, verandahs and outdoor living and entertaining areas, you can’t go past Fashionline Straight Drop Blinds. They are the perfect way to enclose these special places, making the space private and comfortable by protecting you from the ravages of sun, wind and heat. Fashionline Straight Drop Blinds are very user-friendly. They are very easy to use with a choice of controls. Options include spring operated, rope and pulley, gearbox driven and motorised. You can customise your blinds further to suit your situation with some very savvy installation options. Of course, there’s a range of fabulous fabrics, textures and combinations available so your Fashionline Straight Drop Blinds will not only be functional and valuable, they’ll also impress your visitors. Energy Benefits When it’s warm outside, we’re often aware of keeping exterior doors shut, but it may surprise you to learn that much of the heat inside your home, comes via the windows. Straight Drop Blinds can reflect more than half the heat that would otherwise enter your home. This is especially important in outdoor entertaining areas, verandahs and pergolas, where we want to escape and cool down when the mercury rises. Likewise, when the weather is cold, we want to enjoy these spaces and, again, Straight Drop Blinds can be neatly rolled up to allow the winter sun to stream in and warm your verandah, pergola or outdoor entertaining area. Elegant Fashionline Straight Drop Blinds are an excellent way to manage the temperature in your outdoor entertaining areas and they also reduce fading of your valuable outdoor furniture and furnishings. Your local Fashionline dealer provides elegant and distinctive window furnishing concepts by combining the resources of Australia’s largest independent blind manufacturing co-operatives. Fashionline is the brand of an Australia-wide association of blind manufacturers who have created a range of timeless window furnishing solutions with the latest designs, colours and technology at affordable prices. privac privacy cy and sun protection p huge range of fab brics fabrics lightw weight, lightweight, easy operation unique design Innovative modern