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There’s something very attractive about a product that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Fashionline’s Drop Arm Fabric Awnings are a perfect example. Yes, they shade windows extremely effectively in any location, but for a window in a hard to reach place, they are particularly effective. The Drop Arm Awnings pivot in an arc, so they can extend and retract the fabric across the entire window. This shades the window but also allows space between the awnings and the window where air can circulate and, more importantly, the casement windows can open. Now you can have any window in your home shaded from the harsh sun, whilst also allowing gentle breezes to flow through opened windows. Energy Benefits There is a practical, simple way to pay less for your home energy bills and have more money to spend on yourself. Install external Awnings on every window of your home. Outside Awnings can stop heat entering your home so you use less energy for cooling which means lower energy bills. How much are we talking? Up to 70% of heat can be reflected away. Your home will be significantly cooler and you control how much or how little heat you allow into your home. Elegant Fashionline Outside Blinds are a practical, environmentally friendly way to reduce the temperature inside your home. Not only do they look beautiful and stylish from the outside, they create comfortable temperatures inside whilst also stopping damaging ultraviolet rays from invading your home and bleaching the colour from your carpets and furnishings. Your local Fashionline dealer provides elegant and distinctive window furnishing concepts by combining the resources of Australia’s largest independent blind manufacturing co-operatives. Fashionline is the brand of an Australia-wide association of blind manufacturers who have created a range of timeless window furnishing solutions with the latest designs, colours and technology at affordable prices. up to 70% reduction of heat ideal for hard to reach places beautiful and stylish unique design Innovative modern