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Auto Guide Awnings, which are sometimes called Lock Arm Awnings, are one of Fashionline’s most popular exterior blind systems. What makes this system so versatile, is the way the blind can be raised and lowered to whatever position you want, by simply sliding the arms on the guide rods. This flexibility puts you in control of how much light comes through the window. The arms hold the fabric close to the window giving maximum heat and light protection while still letting the air flow into your home. Tension in the blind is managed by a spring that sits neatly within the roller tube. Auto Guide Awnings are perfect for ground floor or balcony windows and you can choose from PolyCotton canvas, acrylic or mesh fabrics. The Awnings also come with the option of matching hooding to provide the finishing touch to your new window feature . Energy Benefits It is remarkable how you can reduce the cost of your home energy bills when you are able to manage how much, or how little, heat you allow into your home. Touch a window that’s facing the sun and you’ll immediately feel the warmth on your fingertips. Outside awnings can stop heat entering your home which means you end up paying less for cooling. Did you know, outside awnings are able to reflect up to 70% of heat before it reaches the window? That’s a significant difference and when winter arrives, you simply roll up the awnings and welcome the warmth of the winter sun to comfortably and cheaply warm your home. Elegant Fashionline blinds are an excellent way to reduce temperatures inside your home. Not only do they look beautiful and stylish from the outside, they create a comfortable atmosphere inside whilst also stopping ultraviolet sunrays from draining colour from your valuable carpets and home furnishings. Your local Fashionline dealer provides elegant and distinctive window furnishing concepts by combining the resources of Australia’s largest independent blind manufacturing co-operatives. Fashionline is the brand of an Australia-wide association of blind manufacturers who have created a range of timeless window furnishing solutions with the latest designs, colours and technology at affordable prices. reflects up to 70% of heat lightweight, easy operation beautiful and stylish unique design Innovative modern Photos in this brochure are indicative only. Not all products are available from all Fashionline stockists. Photos in this brochure are indicative only. Not all products are available from all Fashionline stockists.