Fashion Frenzy Magazine Sep. 2011 - Page 73

Tony Difalco has been a sculptor artist for Clearwater beach for the last 15 years. Not only is he artist he is also a multi talented individual that has had a radio show. At present time he is working on a documentary about the American industry and the depth of Scientific Dialectical Materialism and its legal essence. His independent views have challenged both the left and the right wing. The name of his radio show was "Area 52 America" which was about the discussion of the Unites States and how the laws of the land have become alien to the common people. "The essence of Law". "52 times the word law is used in our constitution and Amend- ments. No where is the word legal. In the 14th Amendment the word illegal is used when men were kept slaves by legal agreement with no consideration or remedy of law." Tony DiFalco The show was based on consideration and remedy of law and the entanglement of the legal system, which encompasses modern day America as it did in those days of slavery. Anthony Michael DiFalco grew up on the East Side of Detroit. At that time in history it was regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. As a young man he discovered that he had a natural talent for sculpturing. When he realized he could look at something and replicated with clay naturally. In the 60's he worked for a famous sign painter and muralists and got his basic knowledge. At 16 he pursued his dream of being a hockey player and went on to play triple A and left behind the paint brush till twenty years later. In 1993 he recaptured his love for art, working for the Chandler family at old famous beach diner. The door was open by the Chandlerís; which gave him the opportunity to pursue the beginning of his new art career. His work for them includes from surfboards to unique sculptors. Also paintings of cartoon characters like Betty Boob, jug head, superman etc. Here are some of his famous art works from Clearwater beach. He also does art restoration of old antiques like coke machines, theme park collectibles. Also he includes unique art with his poetry. Presently he resides in Clearwater Florida. page 73 ART in your community