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• Make sure virus scanning is enabled and running . Virus scanning is designed to work in the background and remain hidden from the user . This makes it easy for the system to alert you about a potential virus . Turn them off and the next warning you get of will be that your system stops running well or , even worse , that you ’ ve become the victim of a cyber attack .
• Train personnel on how to identify and react to phishing scams . Your people are your biggest vulnerability . Scammers know this and will often exploit this soft spot in your security . Email filtering and virus scanning tools have their limits and cannot protect you against that employee who feels compelled to open that heartfelt email from a Nigerian prince who needs their help . This is where training comes in . There are lots of programs out there , including this one from the Department of Homeland Security .
• Know when it ’ s time to call in help . When having these conversations and check-ins becomes burdensome it ’ s time to bring in the professionals to help . This support can range from hiring your own IT person to having access to an entire team from an IT Managed service provider
( MSPs ). MSPs provide a way for small and medium sized companies to get access to an array of personnel with different skills for the various IT challenges . MSPs typically offer wider hours , established tools and processes already in place compared to starting from scratch with your own personnel .
Cost is a major concern when people start looking at hiring an MSP . But there are ways to control what you spend here , too . Look for the options . Contact several providers and ask how you can purchase only what you need and scale it as your organization grows .
And before you say these kinds of services are one more cost you don ’ t need , ask yourself this : “ How much will it cost me in time , money and customer relations if my system goes down ?”
Want to know more about protecting your system without breaking the bank ? Email Dan directly or check out the Logistics Tech HQ site . CLDA

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