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Decreasing Your Cyber Risk Without Breaking the Bank

Cyber attackers are indiscriminate . They do not care if your company is big or small . What they do care about is doing the most damage and getting the most compensation out of making your life a living hell .
Protecting your company doesn ’ t have to break the bank . There are probably tools in your existing system that can go a long way towards protecting your business . Tools you may not be using properly or at all .
Here are some basic things that can help any organization reduce their risk without breaking the bank .
• Utilize cloud-based storage for company data . Having files in the cloud provides a recovery path for data if one of your PCs is the target of a ransomware attack . Google Drive and One Drive are common examples of these cloud storage options that you likely have purchased as part of either email or PC licensing .
• Keep your devices updated . As tempting as it is to keep pushing the “ later ” button when your system notifies you of an update , don ’ t do it . This is akin to playing trashcan Jinga to avoid taking out the trash . No software is perfectly secure . Regular updates are how manufactures resolve the vulnerabilities that are found over time . This is important because as updates come out it also enables bad actors to know more about issues they could potentially exploit .
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