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Make a Difference . Grow Your Business .

Looking for a way to grow your business ? Gain access to the most successful people in our industry ? Learn what shippers want from your company ? You can do all that and more by becoming an active part of in the CLDA .
We know that those who get involved in this association get ahead . They link up with decision makers . They make personal connections from those who can offer them new business opportunities . And they make life-long industry friends who will pick up the phone when they need a hand .
We know you ’ re busy putting out fires and the thought of committing to a long-term volunteer assignment may be more than want . So , start small . Spend the time you can . Then watch your business grow along with your involvement .
Here ’ s how :
• Check out the committees to see what strikes your fancy . You ’ ll find a list here
• Connect with a few members of those committees to see what they are all about . You ’ ll find their names here
• Drop into a few meetings then join the ones that work for you , interest-wise and timewise
• Join a committee
• Take the reins and run a committee
• Present a webinar or just suggest a topic to Webinar Chair Tim Cocchia
• Write or suggest an article for the Customized Logistics & Delivery Magazine . Email the editor by clicking here
• Send your company news to Customized Logistics & Delivery Magazine . Email the editor by clicking here
• Make your voice heard on Capitol Hill or in your local statehouse by joining or contributing to the Advocacy Fund . Click here to learn more
• Contribute to the leadership of the association by running for the board
• Move into a decision-making position as one of the top leaders of the CLDA by being a part of the Executive Committee .
Think of the time you spend as an active member of the CLDA as an investment . The more you put in , the more it will grow . What are you waiting for ? CLDA
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