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listen to what they are sharing is invaluable . The fact that I can pick up the phone and talk to hundreds of people to tell them about my challenges or my struggles and ask for help is priceless . You can ’ t buy that anywhere else .”
The association ’ s advocacy efforts also strike a chord with John : “ From an advocacy standpoint , there ’ s nobody in our space that does what we do . The CLDA does more to advocate for the advancement of those in the final-mile delivery space than anyone else . I think you join the CLDA because your voice is stronger when it ’ s united with many others . You have a lot of folks around you who are able to be louder on behalf of the industry than you could be individually . Our advocacy efforts help spot legislative issues that could put members of our industry out of business . You want someone to help you be on the front side of those issues . You want someone to advocate for you before those issues run you over . That ’ s what this association does better than anyone else .”
He reminds anyone who will listen that the CLDA is all about mutually building members ’ businesses : “ I know there ’ s a significant amount of business that gets pushed and pulled back and forth between companies who are members . If you are part of a company in this space and you want additional business , I think this is one of the best ways to do it . The CLDA provides venues where there ’ s a concentrated group of shippers and carriers . At every CLDA event , you hear small and large carriers raising hands and saying , ‘ Hey I can help you with that .’”
He sums things up this way : “ It ’ s a competitive disadvantage if your company is not part of the CLDA . If you choose not to plug in and not to use this group of industry pros to put your ear to the ground , you ’ re at a disadvantage against those companies that do . You run the risk of getting run over or having opportunities pass you by .”
A Look Back at Two Decades with the Association
Thinking about his 20 + years with the association - including 14 on the board , 12 on the Executive Committee and two as president - John is philosophical and grateful .
Here ’ s how he sums up his time with the association : “ Joining the MCAA / CLDA 20 years ago was one of those pivotal decisions that was and continues to be a game changer for me and my family . The CLDA has taught me much about faith , family , business , and politics . It has allowed me to forge and foster lifelong friendships that mean everything to me .
Before joining this association , I was told that it was different than other trade association because the members truly care about helping each other to be successful . ‘ A rising tide raises all boats ’ was a quote that immediately jumped to mind when I experienced my first conference in 2003 . After attending the 2022 CLDA FMF in Miami , I am happy to report that this theme continues to be strong today .”.
In reflecting on joining others who are part of the CLDA Hall of Fame , he concludes with this : “ I am very honored , humbled , and grateful that the current CLDA Board saw fit to acknowledge my small contributions over the years in this very special way . I will always treasure this induction into the CLDA Hall of Fame . I remain very thankful to those past Presidents and Boards who came before me , for their leadership and examples that helped pave the way for others , including me . Thanks to the past and present Kellen Staff for their continuous support of the MCAA / CLDA over the years . Lastly , I ’ m forever grateful for my family ’ s sacrifices and support over the years , for allowing me to volunteer and be a part of this great association .” CLDA
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