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She could have put up a fight and said , ‘ No , I need you ,’ but she knew that this was important to me . She knew what we got out of it , and she supported me unconditionally . My eldest son Kyle , my daughter Cooey and father-inlaw Mario who are also with me tonight are the ones who keep me going , along with my mother-in-law and middle son Gavin who couldn ’ t be here tonight . I ’ m just very , very blessed to have good people surrounding me . I thank all of you for your support ; for your trust and for your friendship .”
A Journey That Starts at Age 17
The road that led John to the CLDA Hall of Fame started at age 17 . In 1984 , John entered the world of logistics as a Station Agent for Piedmont Airlines in South Bend IN . He sold tickets , boarded flights , worked in air freight , loaded luggage , and even did weight-balance on the planes . He spent 18 years with the airlines .
Over the next three decades he moved from the airlines into the courier business and to the presidency of the CLDA in 2016 . He ’ s run companies . He ’ s owned and sold his own companies . He ’ s consulted with companies and even nursed a few through the mergers and acquisitions process . And in March of this year , he joined forces with three other CLDA board members , Tom Jowers , Randy Edmonds , and Monte O ’ Hare , to form a nationwide network to provide the lower 48 US states with final-mile services .
John claims much of the journey would not have been possible without the relationships he ’ s built through this association : “ I ’ m a byproduct of lots of different people who have helped me along the way . Without the guidance of lots and lots of folks including the past presidents of the CLDA , the members of past boards , the present board , and staff it wouldn ’ t have happened this way . It was a village that raised John ,” he says , calling his two decades with the association , “ A labor of love .”
He attributes his long and varied career in logistics to the skills and relationships he ’ s bult through the association . “ The businesses that I ’ ve had ; the ones I ’ ve sold ; the ones in which I ’ ve worked would have been far weaker without the influence of the CLDA . So , it ’ s me who really owes continuous praise for this association . Absent of that , I would be a lesser individual , and I would not have had the success I had with each of my businesses .”
Johnny Appleseed
When it comes to the CLDA , John calls himself , “ Johnny Appleseed . I go out and spread the good word about this association .”
He ’ s bullish about the association ’ s ability to open the door to discussions with others experiencing the same challenges : “ I think that you participate in the CLDA for the networking opportunities . Being able to talk to folks and
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