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Panels - Reinventing the Supply Chain and Mergers & Acquisitions
Supply Chain Panel
Conference participants had their choice of two breakout sessions after the keynote : Reinventing the Supply Chain and Mergers & Acquisitions .
Those who chose the first workshop participated in a lively session moderated by Board Member Eddie Pillow featuring three shippers who shared what they look for when choosing carriers .


The panelists included :
• William Tavares , Director , Logistics Network Development , Pitney Bowes
• Doug Hatch , Senior Director , Last Mile Operations , Hub Group
• John Conte , Head of Logistics , Simple Tire .
Among the topics the session tackled were :
• Supply chain disruptions
• Port congestion
• Fuel charges and the escalating costs of everything
• Driver shortages
• The expected extended peak season
• Setting realistic expectations with clients
• Establishing larger and more resilient networks of providers
• Creative measures to work with carriers to cope with rising costs
• Preparing for a possible recession
• The critical role of technology to facilitate transparency throughout the lifecycle of shipments
• Data mining and the use of predictive analytics
• Meeting higher consumer expectations through more sophisticated track and trace systems
• Coping with capacity constraints
• The increasing presence of international companies .
Mergers & Acquisitions Panel
Those who attended the Mergers & Acquisition workshop , sponsored by Dropoff , got a good look at the lifecycle of a merger , from the initial strategy to the execution . Moderated by the 2022 CLDA Honoree , John Benko , the panel included :
• Alex Rafla , Board Observer , American Expediting
• Sean Spector , Co-founder / CEO , Dropoff
• Chuck Moyer , Partner with Tompkins Ventures
• Peter Berg , Principal & Practice Leader , TrueNorth Insurance and Financial Strategies
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