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employees ,” he said . “ The good news is that it is going to start to come to an end sometime soon … [ due to the projected ] economic slowdown … No one wants to see a slowdown in the economy , but there are a couple of benefits of having a bit of a slowdown in the economy in the second half of this year ,” he said , pointing to the impact on labor .
He offered sources to find workers right now :
• Existing employees
• Portals like Courierboard
• Professional associations like state CPA societies or the local chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM )
• Faith-based organizations
• College and trade schools
• State-sponsored job sites
• Social media - “ You can do advertising on social media that can promote your jobs to employees in specific areas with precise backgrounds with particular skills . It is a very , very targeted way to get employees ,” he said
• Executive recruiters
• “ Canvassing ,” which Marks defines as “ keeping your eyes open .” He illustrated this last point with a story : “ A couple of months ago I was doing a presentation at a conference and met someone who told me he doesn ’ t have any problem finding people for his company because he keeps his eyes open . He says whenever he is out eating or going to retail stores , he … constantly stumbles on employees working in other places that have energy and enthusiasm and great attitudes . There ’ s potential gold there and we should all open our eyes up to those opportunities .”
He talked about the hot trends in employee retention . These include :
• Health Savings Accounts ( HSAs )
• Health Reimbursement Accounts ( HRAs )
• Flexibility to work from home
• Four-day work weeks
• Unlimited paid time off
• Helping employees cope with mental health issues
• Giving employees help tackling student debt
• Adding Employee Stock Option Plans ( ESOPs ).


Marks concluded his remarks with this advice : “ Be involved with the industry . Make sure you ’ re keeping an eye on the hot benefits ... The investments you ’ re making now in the employees you ’ re hiring now will benefit your business in the future . “
For more about the trends on the people side of our business that will impact the industry in 2023 , see the story on page 14 .
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