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Finding Common Ground
The business day ended with Round Tables where shippers , carriers , forwarders , brokers and logistics program representatives met to find common ground . Carriers were able to choose the verticals they were interested in and learn directly from those involved . For some , it was about discussing verticals where they are strong and are interested in adding customers . For others , it was learning about markets they were considering entering .
A Grand Reception Miami Style


Everything Miami was on splendid display at the first day ’ s closing reception . Set along the banks of the Miami River , the reception included an elegant taste of the area ’ s foods , music , rum and salsa dancing , complete with a craftsman hand-rolling cigars .
Sponsored by Openforce , the reception included a signature drink named in their honor and an Openforce ice sculpture that gave new meaning to the term cool . Guests enjoyed local delicacies such as coconut lobster bites , conch crab fritters , grouper macadamia and tequila chicken quesadillas , capped off by goodies from an ice cream bar on wheels . A DJ played Miami dance club music . Salsa dancers thrilled the crowd with their elegant and athletic dance steps , inspiring conference chair Tom Jowers and his wife Kim to show off a few of their own impressive moves .
Spirits were high as guests reveled in the ability to talk , laugh , hug and just plain enjoy each other ’ s company as a way to reconnect with old friends and appreciate the company of new ones .

Day 2

“ The Great Resignation ” Keynote
A packed conference hall greeted the conference ’ s second keynote on Friday morning . Keynote speaker , Gene Marks talked about ways to attract and retain the best personnel in a post-COVID world . This columnist and business management author has written for The New York Times and The Washington Post , and now contributes The Hill , The Philadelphia Inquirer , Forbes , Inc . Magazine , Entrepreneur Magazine , and The Guardian . He has written five books on business management , geared towards small and medium sized companies . His most recent is Want More Cash ? 100 + Ideas and Strategies for Increasing Your Company ’ s Cash Flow This Year .
Drawing on his experience covering business , providing technology consulting for small and medium businesses and his background working for the international consulting firm KPMG , he offered sharp insights and concrete strategies for attracting and retaining the right people . “ The big issue for my clients , my readers , my community - besides inflation and supply chain - has been finding and attracting good
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