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Our partners ’ success is our success ... We do whatever we can to make sure that everyone ’ s succeeding including , our clients and our clients ’ patients , who we ultimately serve .”

“ We recently had a kidney move from Boston to Pittsburgh ,” said Sanner . “ When we move kidneys , we normally get advance notice , but this was a last-minute call . We were able to step in and book a flight and even make sure there was a contingency flight , just in case . I love how invested our people are in moves like this . In this case , our dispatcher called ahead to Pittsburgh and had a police escort to the hospital for the kidney . And once we landed we were able to deliver it on time and successfully give the patient a second chance . It makes you feel good about what you do every day .”
Mesa added his story : “ We recently had a situation that involved an eight-year-old girl who fell off a horse in Australia . There were no surgical kits to treat her anywhere in the area or in all of Australia . We got it there thanks to all our partners who picked it up and coordinated with other carriers to ensure that it moved . And that young lady was able to successfully walk again because of everything our service partners and carrier partners did .”
It was a moment that brought home the special nature of this kind of work .
Technology & The Final Mile – Are You Improving ?
Running parallel to the Medical Logistics panel was a Technology Panel , moderated by Charlie
Piscotta II from Key Software Systems . It featured :
• Akash Agrawal , Co-Founder & Chief Business officer , Beans . ai
• June Hayford , COO & CFO , Drivv / Courierboard
• Timothy Kravitz , COO & CTO , Logistics Technology HQ .


The panelists discussed how critical the final mile is for any business that wants to retain their customers and the role that today ’ s technology plays in responding to the dynamic nature of this part of the supply chain .
Customers want instant updates , next-day and same-day delivery . Waiting days or weeks is no longer enough to satisfy them . That means it ’ s imperative that carriers have the technology to boost the final-mile of the logistics process . The session focused on how participants could take a critical look at their technology to determine if they are equipped to deal with these rising consumer expectations .
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