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Following this session , lunch was served . Some participants - those who were contributors to the Advocacy Fund – attended the Advocacy Luncheon where they were brought up to speed on the legislative issues impacting the industry .
Medical Logistics – What ’ s Your IQ ?
The Medical Logistics panel was one of two after-lunch sessions .


Panelists discussion the critical role carriers play in maintaining an efficient healthcare supply chain . In 2020 , the market was valued at $ 144 billion , and experts expect it to double in only a few years , according to the panel ’ s moderator , CLDA Board Member , Lorena Camargo , CEO and Founder of Pearl Transportation & Logistics .
Panelists in the Medical Logistics session included :
• Gregory MacGraw , Vice President of Transportation , Cano Health
• Bert Mesa , Vice President , Global Field Operations , MNX Global
• Mark Sanner , Vice President of Operations , American Expediting .
Among the items their companies move are human tissue , lab samples , vaccines , medications , medical supplies and even medical equipment . Some transport organs for transplant and research , blood plasma , radiopharmaceuticals , immunotherapies , stem cell therapies , surgical kits , pharmaceuticals , patients headed to and from treatment and even Meals on Wheels for those receiving medical treatment .
Panelists emphasized that this vertical is unique due to its impact on people ’ s lives . They shared what they what they look for when bringing on new couriers . They emphasized that these carriers must be comfortable with the need for constant communications and have advanced technology to facilitate that communication . They talked about the ways they work in partnership with couriers . “ Our partners ’ success is our success ,” said Mesa . “ We do whatever we can to make sure that everyone ’ s succeeding including , our clients and our clients ’ patients , who we ultimately serve .”
“ Any shipment is important , but life science has a patient at the other end ,” said MacGraw . He and the other panelists mentioned the need to keep this in mind when working in this vertical .
There was a frank discussion about the challenges facing those in this segment , especially their need to find and train drivers who are sensitive to the unique nature of these deliveries .
Camargo asked the panelists to end the session with stories that showcased the unique nature of medical logistics .
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