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Air Cargo - Safety & Security
Major events over the last few decades have led to extreme security measures for the air cargo supply chain . This session allowed members to hear from and talk with key players in private transportation and security . The panel included key players involved air cargo security as well as representatives of two major airlines .


They included :
• J ohn Beckius , Executive Director , Air Cargo Division , Transportation Security Administration ( TSA )
• Ron Brawner , Developer of the TSA ’ s 3K9 security protocols and owner of K-9 Brawner Group
• Jennifer L . Haigh , Specialty Products , United Cargo
• Michelle Williams , Director of Cargo Strategy and Implementation , Southwest Airlines .
Beckius talked about the TSA ’ s increasing efforts to involve those involved with air cargo logistics with their rule-making process and the changes he ’ s anticipating as a result . They are also working on ways to simplify the process to make it more efficient . He alerted participants that the TSA is working on a new roadmap that covers policy enhancements , technology , partnerships and industry information sharing . He concluded his remarks by advising those involved with air cargo to “… utilize good cyber hygiene .”
Brawner helped develop the TSA ’ s 3K9 security and now has a private canine security consulting firm . He answered questions about how the TSA created the 3K9 program and how it works . He compared the use of canines to screen cargo with methods like ETD ( explosives trace detectors ) and X- rays , which , he said , have a different purpose . “ They ’ re not meant to handle a mass movement of cargo . They are good at screening individual selected or suspicious items ,” he said .
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